April 19, 2015

Dirty little secret

Gesale sweater and skirt, ICONinety9 wedges, Hella choker

All my life I've been a very good girl, I guess. And by being a good girl I mean the typical good girl, the kind of girl that is in every stereotype of being a good girl. I don't drink, I don't go to clubs or bar, I don't smoke, I don't get drunk, I don't party wildly, I never have sex, and I don't do drugs. I stay away from all those stuff. Not because I want to show that I'm a good girl, but because I'm just too lazy to even do all of them. Maybe it's because of my environment. They don't support me into being the wild girl. But things have changed slightly here. Ever since I started living separately from my parents, I discover a whole new, well, experience. I start seeing things in a different point of view. And it broaden my horizon. It turns me into an open-minded person, hopefully. And I gotta admit that maybe I'm a different person now. I guess we can't stay the same forever, right?

My online shopping experience is getting better and better. I remember the first time I bought a union jack sling bag from Gowigasa few years ago and I was so thrilled when the package came into my mail. I couldn't stop smiling and I even still keep the packaging. Since then, online shopping has become my number one getaway when I don't have the time to go out and shop for new clothes. Only that sometimes the size and the color of the stuff I buy don't match well with what I see in the photos they give to me. And I still have some problems with the shipping fee because the last two items I bought sent me the wrong calculation of the shipping fee so I was quite surprised to receive a message saying I still have to pay another amount of money to cover the remaining shipping fee. Nevertheless, it only happens once in a while.

Anyway, since I just had my 19th birthday last week, I'm currently eye-ing these beauty from Zalora that I can't seem to down my choice. I've told you on the other post that I love wearing watches because I hate having to look at my phone multiple times just to check what time is it. So wearing watches on a daily basis is totally out of the question. Recently I checked on Zalora's watches collection and I can't choose between this, this, this, or this! Help me out to find my perfect watch for my birthday gift, will you? :)

I can't describe my love towards online shopping because really, whoever created the idea at the first place is such a genius. You get to buy many things at once from you are right now. Most of my clothes come from online shops now because I have so little time to go the malls and that the majority of online shops offer affordable price that suits my wallet! This set comes from Gesale, my new favorite online shop on Instagram. Isn't the sweater such a darling? Loving the horse prints so much! And it comes in my favorite shade of blue c: Major love! x

April 13, 2015

Chrome heart

PSY gray mini dress, unbranded shirt, Airwalk shoes

Today marks the first day of the National Exam for all senior high school students in my country, so I'd like to wish you all the best! Don't take the exams too seriously, it's just an exam, and it's not going to affect your graduation from school so just take it easy. I don't have much to say, except that I'm trying to keep my blog updated because the wifi at my guest house has been down for the last few days and I can't access anything. I can only update this blog when I'm at the campus. I even update this blog in the middle of doing my essay which is supposed to be done tomorrow.

It's really easy to go for a monochrome look. Once again I got this mini dress from my favorite online shop owned by my friend. This mini dress actually came with a blue blazer but I wanted to go for a more solo color this time, so I paired it up with a gray shirt which color is pretty close with the dress. It came all the way from Bandung, and has a pretty nice quality!

Birthday girl!

I was still sleeping on the clouds when suddenly I heard rustling and incoherent voices in Eri's bedroom. I had a sleepover at his house the night before my birthday. And it was nothing because I thought nothing would happen and that I felt quite lonely. So when Eri offered me to come to his house and spent the night watching him playing Tekken, I just nodded and said yes. Turns out I was about to be surprised by my friends from Sanggar in the morning. With swollen face and messy clothes and having to sleep in the same room with another three boys, it wasn't completely a pleasant view to them, haha. But it was really touching because I didn't know they would do this for me! I had one birthday surprise. It was on my 17th birthday. So this is my second one. I was so happy!

Celebrating birthday has its own meaning for me. It's the day where I wish I can spend it with the ones that I love. I thought this time I wouldn't celebrate it because somehow, my birthday always happens in the middle of an exam (last year it was during the National Exam, this time it's my mid semester exam). So I thought at first there wouldn't be anything special on D-day. I didn't see it coming. Especially because I wasn't in my guest house that day and it was early in the morning. Pretty sure they all had to wake up really early just to get everything went smoothly. Just thinking about it made my eyes brimming with tears.

The notebook is so cute! I always love getting cute notebooks. I don't even know if I can write anything in it because of its cuteness. While the black fan comes from Mirota Batik that you can find on Malioboro street. I've told you I've been practicing rancak dance with my fellow friends and it needs a goddamn good fan to complete the dance. And being the good friends that they are, they gave me this amazing black fan. It totally suits me and I love the material, so light and pretty as well!

Happy 19th birthday to me!

April 10, 2015

Sing you lullabies

Unbranded dress, ICONinety9 wedges

Okay so before you guys start to think that I've been abandoning my blog again, you're wrong. Because I have so many things to be posted right now. The last few days I've been laptop-less. One day my laptop stopped working and it was right before the mid-semester exam took place. I guess it was God's way for saying that I needed to study for real this time. Laptop can be such a distraction, you know. Especially because I don't live with my parents and nobody would tell me to stop by then. Haha. So I put my laptop away so it could get repaired. Turned out it costed me almost one million rupiahs. LOL. I had to pay for the reparation fee all by myself and now I'm broke as fuck.

I feel so bad because I spent all my money to shop at various online shops on Instagram. Blame the lonely hours during midnight where I couldn't sleep and browsed under the tag #onlineshopjogja instead of sleeping. I spent almost five hundred thousand rupiahs last week (probably more than that)! Gosh, I totally need to limit myself before I become really really broke. I'm not used with being money-less because I have a taste for expensive shit. I hope everything goes okay in the end. Oh, and I need to learn managing my financial.

Okay so I'm sure if you're a long-time reader of this blog, you may have seen me wearing the dress somewhere around 2012. Or 2011. Heck, I can't even remember the year. But anyway, this now has become my favorite dress to wear at home. Its function has changed from a 'clothes-for-going-out' to 'clothes-to-be-worn-when-I-stay-at-home'. Because really, I didn't know the material would be this comfortable. When days are too hot to bear, no worries because it's sleeveless and you can still have the breeze of air you need. And when it gets cold, the length of the dress will make you warm, not to mention it has double layering. Cool, right? Yea. My sister-in-law made it herself using her own hands. Major love!

PS: Tomorrow's my 19th birthday and I can't be any more excited than this! :D

April 03, 2015


Mios oversized sweater, unbranded pants, Airwalk slip-ons

It's been raining since afternoon, the moment when I stepped out of my guest house to try this new cafe Tara and I had found the other day, not far from her church. Being a cafe-creature that I am who's a sucker for nice home-made coffee, I asked her to have a lunch here. The cafe's name is Lokal. It's located just a few meters away from the infamous Red Bridge at Gejayan. Go pass a church and you'll find yourself right before Lokal. I am totally loving the ambience at Lokal. It's both a restaurant and hotel, so you might find some (or lots) tourists coming in and out of the restaurant because the hotel is right next to the restaurant building. I haven't tried many of its foods and drinks since this was my first time, but the barbeque chicken wings that I ordered today for my lunch tasted awesome! As for the drink, I chose flavored latte with caramel grazing. That, my friend, is just another spoonful of Heaven on Earth. I have a weak heart, and my doctor tells me not to have too much coffee. This was my first coffee after so many moons, and I swear it brought my taste bud back to life. I suggest you to just bring your friends here for some quick (or long, never minds) study session. The place is pretty Instagram-able for you who love taking outfit photos as well!

Find Lokal:

Jalan Jembatan Merah NO.104C, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55283
Phone: (0274) 524334

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