April 03, 2015


Mios oversized sweater, unbranded pants, Airwalk slip-ons

It's been raining since afternoon, the moment when I stepped out of my guest house to try this new cafe Tara and I had found the other day, not far from her church. Being a cafe-creature that I am who's a sucker for nice home-made coffee, I asked her to have a lunch here. The cafe's name is Lokal. It's located just a few meters away from the infamous Red Bridge at Gejayan. Go pass a church and you'll find yourself right before Lokal. I am totally loving the ambience at Lokal. It's both a restaurant and hotel, so you might find some (or lots) tourists coming in and out of the restaurant because the hotel is right next to the restaurant building. I haven't tried many of its foods and drinks since this was my first time, but the barbeque chicken wings that I ordered today for my lunch tasted awesome! As for the drink, I chose flavored latte with caramel grazing. That, my friend, is just another spoonful of Heaven on Earth. I have a weak heart, and my doctor tells me not to have too much coffee. This was my first coffee after so many moons, and I swear it brought my taste bud back to life. I suggest you to just bring your friends here for some quick (or long, never minds) study session. The place is pretty Instagram-able for you who love taking outfit photos as well!

Find Lokal:

Jalan Jembatan Merah NO.104C, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55283
Phone: (0274) 524334

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  1. Cute pictures, that place looks great!

    http://rustorstardust.blogspot.pt/ **

  2. Looking like a very pleasant place ^_^


  3. Super cute look!!
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    Algo pasa con Mary

  4. Coffee is not very healthy, but so delicious! Enjoy it in a reasonable amount and everything should be fine! :)
    Happy Easter!

  5. mmm I love a good cafe with a nice glass or cup of coffee!

  6. Amazing!! <3


  7. Sounds like a good place to spend some time in with friends.

  8. Nice photos :)
    Best wishes!


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