April 10, 2015

Sing you lullabies

Unbranded dress, ICONinety9 wedges

Okay so before you guys start to think that I've been abandoning my blog again, you're wrong. Because I have so many things to be posted right now. The last few days I've been laptop-less. One day my laptop stopped working and it was right before the mid-semester exam took place. I guess it was God's way for saying that I needed to study for real this time. Laptop can be such a distraction, you know. Especially because I don't live with my parents and nobody would tell me to stop by then. Haha. So I put my laptop away so it could get repaired. Turned out it costed me almost one million rupiahs. LOL. I had to pay for the reparation fee all by myself and now I'm broke as fuck.

I feel so bad because I spent all my money to shop at various online shops on Instagram. Blame the lonely hours during midnight where I couldn't sleep and browsed under the tag #onlineshopjogja instead of sleeping. I spent almost five hundred thousand rupiahs last week (probably more than that)! Gosh, I totally need to limit myself before I become really really broke. I'm not used with being money-less because I have a taste for expensive shit. I hope everything goes okay in the end. Oh, and I need to learn managing my financial.

Okay so I'm sure if you're a long-time reader of this blog, you may have seen me wearing the dress somewhere around 2012. Or 2011. Heck, I can't even remember the year. But anyway, this now has become my favorite dress to wear at home. Its function has changed from a 'clothes-for-going-out' to 'clothes-to-be-worn-when-I-stay-at-home'. Because really, I didn't know the material would be this comfortable. When days are too hot to bear, no worries because it's sleeveless and you can still have the breeze of air you need. And when it gets cold, the length of the dress will make you warm, not to mention it has double layering. Cool, right? Yea. My sister-in-law made it herself using her own hands. Major love!

PS: Tomorrow's my 19th birthday and I can't be any more excited than this! :D

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