May 16, 2015

Honorary contribution

Hastami sweater, PSY mini dress, ICONinety9 boots

Have you ever felt like you're not capable of doing the tasks you are given, it comes to a point where you feel like you can give up anytime soon? I'm feeling it right now. I have always been a workaholic person. I love working, and by working I mean spending the majority of my time doing things like designing posters, making posts for my art group's blog, editing photos, entering competitions, dancing, making book reviews, etc. I love getting myself busy. But as much as I love putting all my time in my work, I don't like having to lead a group of people. You see, I'm an executor myself. I execute the plan of the planners. I personally think that being a member instead of a leader gives me more space and bravery to make more mistakes. Are you following? I'm about to be chosen as a leader in one of the departments in my art group, and I'm not ready for it. I've talked this out to my friends (who are chosen as well), but I guess they don't quite understand me.

Sorry I've been missing in action these past few days. The wifi connection at my guest house has been down and I've been really, really busy with dancing performance. Ah, classic excuses. And now I'm currently in Jakarta. This is the first time I use a short holiday as a reason for me to go home. I don't usually go home if it's not the semester break. Two more days left until I go back to Jogja for college and I'm so sad :( Oh well, I guess that's all for today. I still have so many projects left to be done. Ciao! xo


  1. beautifu!

  2. nice photo~

  3. cute, love your shoes :)


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