June 24, 2015

I knew better

Unbranded union jack tank, Gesale skirt, Hella choker, Viola platform shoes

After two weeks of final exams, it has finally come to an end today! That means I'll be able to pack my stuffs and go back home to Jakarta, yeay! :D I wasn't planning to go home but since all the people I know are going home, there's no point for me to stay any longer in Jogja. I don't really have any problem with not going back home because honestly I hate the eight hours travelling by train and not being able to do anything rather than just sitting and staring blankly outside the train. Also, rather than using my holiday time to stay back in Jakarta, I want to spend it to travel somewhere else. But that's almost impossible because we're in the middle of fasting month now and going places will surely make everything more difficult, ha!

Anyway, I think going back home becomes my only choice this time. Things have been happening here and I feel like I can't take it anymore. I need to get out of this city, or get away from a certain person. This has become my ritual whenever I feel so sad and need time to be alone, I'll go back home to my parents for a few days before returning back to Jogja. This place has becomes my home for the past one year, but you know that feeling when you really have to go away to calm your mind regardless the time and place? Yeah, that's what I've been feeling. Too bad that the distance is just too much so I can hardly go home as I pleased. For now, the best option for me is to go back home.

So there's this boy that I've known ever since I started getting into college. He's in my circle of friends and together with my other friends, we often go out and play together. I never laid my eyes on him or had any interest before but recently, we've grown closer than ever. And by 'closer' I mean we've been doing things we're not supposed to do like holding hands and hugging and cuddling and throwing secret codes like madly in love couple. Which is really terrible because this boy has a girlfriend already. And that's certainly not me. Now that we seem to drift apart (which I don't know why), I'm starting to think that I'm just an option for him when he's bored. I really feel like throwing tantrum at him for treating me like this; waltzing into my life and gives me the affection I never had, and then suddenly he walks out of my life and go on with another girl. But then again, I can't blame him, no matter how much I really wanna do that. Because I was the one who let him do this, who gave him the chance to hurt me. I knew this would happen, but still I let him. I can't do anything but to let this anger and sadness to burn until the fire is off by itself.

So pathetic.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of update these past few days. As you know, final exam does take so much of my time. But I guess I'm just too lazy to snap photos hahaha. I try not to get too exhausted when the exam still took place so I went to sleep straight after I got home from college. That's probably why I don't take outfit photos during the last two weeks because I was saving the energy I needed to study. But I have planned some new updates for you so I hope that will pay off my blog absence! Until then, happy holiday for my friends! xo

June 23, 2015

What to watch: Jurassic World

It's been awhile since the last time I went to the cinema to watch new movies with my friends. Hectic college life is hectic and there's nothing you can do about it. But that's okay. I don't have that much money to spend anyway lmao. But this was different. I just finished having International Law exam that day when I told Eri I wanted to watch a movie. He quickly agreed and we drove to Ambarukmo Plaza to book the ticket. Too bad that since there were too many new movies that just got in, the cinema's queue was too long. And I guess we're too basic to stand in-line for who knows how long just to buy a ticket. So when Eri suddenly bumped into his friend who watched at The Premiere, we decided to be a little naive and spent a large amount of money just to watch a movie.

The movie itself was so amazing. I couldn't stop biting my nails out of habit because each scene that happened gave me goosebumps! You could feel the panic and worry when the Indominus Rex is starting to show its teeth. I even cried a lot in the cinema whenever there was a Brontosaurus died because of Indominus Rex's uncontrollable hunger. The special effect and everything was great! Me and Eri agreed that this was the best Jurassic movie so far. I guess the story plot this time combines the ideas from the previous movies. A little bloopers; the raptors will be your very good friend this time, you'll probably love them afterwards.

So yeah, if you haven't watched the movie, you might wanna do that this weekend with your friends or even family? It's not really that scary. But I believe you don't wanna miss out the amazing special effect! :D Gotta give it 9/10!

June 18, 2015

Artjog | Infinity in flux

So few days ago I went to my first ever art exhibition at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. I think it's an annual event. Nevertheless, it was my first. I went with some of my college friends from the art group. People may see me as an art slave. But I don't really find myself loving the idea of visiting an art exhibition. I don't know, I'm supposed to enjoy it. But I got bored easily looking over things I don't understand being displayed there. I know, art isn't supposed to be understood, it demands to be enjoyed. Or maybe the theme doesn't fit my liking? It was psychedelic. Oh well, I still managed to capture some photos that might blow your mind away (or not). Enjoy!

Please introduce, my travelling partners. They are my seniors at campus. The very left man, Lukas, he's from batch 2011. He's the former chairman of my art group. Lukas is really good in photography and motivating, he says. You should totally check out his Instagram and see his photoworks! Next to him is Cynthia, his girlfriend from batch 2013. She's the main reason why I finally got into this art group. She was my mentor during the orientation days at faculty of law and when I saw her performing rantjak at the closing ceremony, I decided to apply for the art group. She's such a random person and funny. But weird... Next, my ex-head of department, Emyr. He's from batch 2011. And to tell you the truth, he's one of the few people in the art group that has been very supportive to me (and everyone else). He's also a really amazing guitar player. I force you to check out his Soundcloud. Now.

She was the one who suggested me on posing like a monk

So if you're a really close friend of mine, you'll know the reason why I write down my wish like this. I was going to write all of my upcoming plans, but then what's the point of writing them down if I can't live long enough to make them all come true. I have been diagnosed with a very bad disease which I can't tell the details. But one thing I know is that the disease decreases my age, day by day. It's still a temporary diagnose. But sometimes I stay late at night crying myself to sleep just thinking about it :") That's why, my dear friends, to always cherish every moment in your life. And yes, I mean it. You never know your time, neither do I. But always make the best of you every single day.

The tree of wish

It was so much fun indeed! If you guys are in Jogja, you might wanna check Art|Jog|8 as well. It's opened until 28 June 2015. The entrance fee is IDR 50k. Pretty expensive, I know. But if you're a student and you bring your student card, you can get 50% discount! And you can use the ticket afterwards for another art exhibition held at PKKH UGM for free just by showing your Art|Jog|8's ticket :) Don't forget to bring your camera because there will be cool stuffs being displayed here that will blow your mind. I regret I didn't bring my DSLR with me :( Yes, all the photos above are taken using my phone and edited through VSCO so mind the quality!

'Till then, have a nice weekend and happy Ramadhan! xo