September 15, 2015


If you ask me whether I'm a city or a nature person, the answer always depends on my current mood. I love fresh, big space that makes me feel so little against the world like being in the open air, but I don't really like getting myself dirty with mud or walking through the woods. Some days I can be a city person, but some other days I long for a day off from the rustling hour of the honking vehicles and paper task from university. And probably run away to somewhere I've never been before.

The conversation was rather vague at first. It came out as a blabbering instead of something clear and demanding. And I didn't see it coming. I was on my way back home with Eri when I told him I wanted to go on a long trip with him. Just another crazy wish I had in mind and now that we're together, he's getting used to listen all my other crazy wishes (I also told him I wanted to visit Ireland just to watch the people playing bagpipes). And just like how he always handles me when I start asking him for this and that, he will hum and smiles and that's it. I never really ask for him about it again because it's just a blabbering. So you can guess how I felt when he told me he would take me to a place I've never been before on Saturday night. Yes, happy. So happy. He took me to Sarangan, which I can't give you the complete detail of how to get there because you guys know I'm bad at directions. So I guess you just have to google that up. Eri has been to Sarangan with his friends so this time I was the only one getting introduced to this new place. Here are some photos that I managed to snap along the way. Enjoy!

It took us three hours (or more) from Jogja to Sarangan. But personally for me, the journey didn't feel so tiring because... I don't know, maybe because I spent it with him. As you can see on the photos above, our main goal was to visit the lake. Along the way you will go pass through the forest and Lawu mountain. The forest felt so magical, as if you were on that Twilight movie because of the tall trees even though they're not pine trees—but still as magical. We stopped a few times to take photos and breathe the fresh air. Sarangan was pretty cold so I suggest for you guys to wear thick clothes and bring your warm sweater with you if you don't want to get dead cold. I thought Sarangan was the forest itself, but turns out, it was a lake. We arrived just in time when the sun was still shining through the clouds and thin fog, its rays reflected on the water oh so beautifully.

It's all worth it in the end

The lake wasn't so packed and there were speedboats that you can rent if you want to. But I opted not to get onto the ride because I wasn't in the mood to. So me and Eri just sat down on the lip of the lake and talked about everything and nothing at the same time, he smoked while I took some selfies, sharing some glances, stolen kisses... I felt so content that day.

Thank you, baby.

I never stop asking this universe of what have I done in my previous life to deserve you.


  1. Great photos ! ;)
    Greetings from Munich ! ;)))

  2. beautiful photos :)
    greetings xoxo

  3. what a fantastic place to run away from the big city!

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  7. Your pictures are so breathtaking! Love 'em!

    All the love, Eiren. xx

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  9. such a neat blog~
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  10. Such a beautiful place ♥


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