September 05, 2015

You're the apple of my eye

You know what's the good thing about life?

It never stops giving you surprises.

Ever since the first time I saw you coming out of nowhere in your American football team's uniform, I never knew we would actually cross each other's path. Because we are different. But that doesn't stop us to get close and get to know each other. You have always been there, when I got my first broken heart, when I am faced with problems, when I need someone to talk to, or when I have spare time... You have always been there. We have always been together, literally.

"The best relationships grow out of friendships."

Couldn't agree more.

I know you will eventually see this post. And I know maybe you expect me to write friggin long post because I told you I would. But I changed my mind. Less is always more.

You're my first boyfriend ever. And you're going to be my other firsts in many other things as well. So you might wanna keep in mind of how lucky and grateful you are to be my significant other. Many people have tried to conquer me. You're the only who can make it through the thick wall of my self-defense. So yeah, I guess I have to congratulate you.

Welcome, baby. To many years ahead of us. Let's be wild.

Love, Dyn.


  1. You color combination is so outstanding.

  2. so romantic

  3. Hello,

    Amazing ! :D


  4. aw. this is such a cute post! wish you guys many more years of happiness! X

  5. this is such a lovely post my dear, I really enjoyed reading these passionate words :)

  6. So true, we'll never know how life could be so surprising us...

  7. I like this photo :)

  8. this set of photos is woah!


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