October 19, 2015

Lucky number

Hunted flannel shirt, unbranded pants, ICONinety9 boots

One of the best fashion advice I've read on the internet so far is to shop at the men's department. That's like the best way to spend your money on fashion for starters. Men clothes tend to be easy to be styled than women's. True. Especially because I have a larger body shape and size so most women clothes just don't have the right stuff for me. That's when shopping at men's department comes in handy. They're so much bigger, of course. But we women can still opt for the smallest size which is S. That's like the M size for us. I personally really love oversized and loose clothes. That's why I love stealing my brother's clothes or borrow my boyfriend's sweaters because they're hella big and makes me feel secure. Sadly loose clothes make me look so much bigger than my actual size lmao. Doesn't matter tho, the most important thing in choosing and wearing clothes is to aim for our personal comfort. People's thoughts can follow.

It's unbuttoned, did that on purpose

Talking about shopping at the men's department, I scored this flannel shirt from a garage sale in Kotabaru few days ago. I went there with my girl friends to kill some spare time. Right after we arrived at the venue, all my friends quickly scrambled over women clothing. I found some cute stuffs, but they're mostly not for my size so I was quite heart broken lol. I went over to the men's department, looking for something I could probably bag home for my boyfriend when I found this flannel shirt in its most perfect condition hanging by the rack. Hunted is a local brand by Rio Dewanto (yes, that hot guy who plays for Filosofi Kopi that I fall head over heels for) and I don't know what happens to the brand now but they surely have such fine sewing for a basic piece like this.

Anyway, my lucky number isn't 33, I've always been fond with number 4.

October 18, 2015

Au revoir

I remember being called as a hoarder by one of my college friend. We're not that close anymore though we're still seeing each other once in a while. I have a habit of keeping everything even if it's a junk to other people. But I believe I collect the same thing like you guys; memories. That's why I love taking pictures so much, why I'm such a social media addict, why I keep every single moment that's happened in my life into a digital work—because I love keeping memories where I can see them.

Yesterday I went to an event held at Kompas office in Kotabaru. I didn't really want to go, didn't plan to either. But because many of my friends went there, I did too. The place wasn't so exciting but I found few interesting pieces that entertained me. I took pictures here and there with my friends. Until the moment when me and my boyfriend wanted to leave the space, I realized my phone was no longer in my sight. Well, the real story is much more complicated. But that's like the main point; I just lost my phone. And this is totally making me feel sad and down. That phone is considered new. I just got it this year on my birthday. I keep so many things in that phone. Photos and videos, emails, personal information, everything. As a blogger and social media addict, my phone is everything. And what hurts the most as a hoarder is the history chat. I've lost it once when I changed my phone, now I have to experience it again. It's painful not being able to track my phone down. Now I wish it were an iPhone so I could track it.

But what's done is done. I'm grateful that it's just my phone, not my wallet. Also, I lock my phone and all the applications installed using password, so I hope at least it can prevent whoever holds my phone now to steal any information from it.

So long my love...

October 12, 2015

Where do dreams go when we're done dreaming them?

GB tee • Gesale skirt • Gowigasa sling bag • Friend's jacket • Solany shoes

What do you want to be in the future?

I remember having so much goosebumps when I was getting asked that question many years ago when I still hadn't known about how bitter life could be, or how picky the people around me. You guys probably told those adults about the dream of being a doctor, an astronaut, a president, all those big jobs and careers with huge responsibility. No, before you assume me I was gonna judge those dreams, let me tell you one thing; I was dreaming to become a minister. Or anything that works in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to be honest. At least any kind of job that requires "suit and tie". Because I am surrounded with that kind of people. Almost my whole big family works for the government in the ministry. Only my father takes a quite different way by choosing the non-governmental way to make a living. It still takes us everywhere. But I got influenced mostly from my relatives. I remember paying them a visit in their office and spent my entire day following them. Though I didn't get to witness the detail of their works but still, that kind of experience alone is enough to make little Dyn to have such dream. When I told my parents about it, they were very supportive. Which is why now I am in a law school, trying to get some grip of what I'm going to face in the world of Indonesian governance.

As the years gone by, I learn one or two things about myself. One is that I can never stray away too far from the creative world; two is that sometimes your dream doesn't always go the same way with your passion. I admit it, studying law isn't really my thing. I hate the fact that it's so unpredictable and debate-able, making me hard to see the real meaning of everything I'm studying here. Studying law isn't really my passion, but it's something I need to do just because I have to. All this time, my childhood dream about working in the ministry has saved me many times from the indecisiveness of life. It has driven my life and even now that I'm here, it's all because of that dream. But along the way I keep questioning myself if I really want to continue doing this. My passion has always been revolving around art. Parents are not so supportive about this one so I keep it to myself and make art as my sweet escape. It's something that I do when I'm too fed up with my "real world", where my parents' expectation are waiting and people are watching too close, art saves me.

So if you ask me again, "What do you want to be in the future?"...

I can't really tell. But I wanna work in the creative industry. Something that is related with my passion. Be it writing, photography, or graphic designing. So far I really want to work in a magazine. The world of journalism has always been so interesting for me. If my study isn't enough to earn me a job in the journalism, I don't mind taking another course or study. It's so much better than sitting around wearing suit and tie while surrounded with people with the same mind who only see black and white in their worlds. I don't think I can stand that kind of environment. But I don't know, my parents will probably scold me because that means I'm throwing away my dream. Well, that doesn't sound too bad. I have many dreams anyway. If one goes down, I still have a thousand more waiting to be brought to life.

As long as I know what I'm doing and be responsible for my own choices, I'll be okay.

October 05, 2015


Yesterday I went to Merapi again. This time, not just looking from afar, but me and my friends got to see even closer the mountain itself. There's a volcano trip on the feet of the mountain. Since the road is impossible for normal cars to drive through, you'll need to get on a larga-tired vehicles like jeeps or trucks. You can rent a jeep for IDR 400.000 and it can bring up to 4 people at once (so you can share the payment with your friends!). Me and my friends wanted to see the sunrise so we rolled out at two in the morning. But we miscalculated at how long it took for us to get there. We arrived pretty early where the wind was still blowing so strong it felt like it was going to be a storm right there. But the people said it was normal at hours like that. In the end we managed to get on the tour at 4 am (it was supposed to be 3 at first) but the weather was pretty worrying. We failed to catch the sunrise, but it was still as good as ever witnessing how the universe woke up right before our eyes.

So breathtakingly beautiful...

And as usual, this guy right here accompanied me through the trip. It feels good to have a travelling partner that lets you experience each one of your journey together. But of course, we didn't go just by the two of us. That would be such a waste of money lol. I suggest you to at least bring four of your friends (three if you count yourself) because then you don't have to pay for the entire IDR 400.000 to rent the jeep all by yourself hahahahah. I went there with seven of my friends so there were eight of us so we had to rent two jeeps.

The volcano trip consisted of visiting three places. Not only you can see Merapi closer, but you can see some rock miners below the mountain. The road was very bumpy, I tell you. And it's not a pleasant trip because I couldn't sit properly. I remember missing smooth road once I get on the tour because shoot... guess I just dropped my butt somewhere up there lmao. So yeah, the road isn't very enjoyable, but the view is worth it. Another note you might want to add; always wear the right shoes when you're about to go to a mountain. I forgot that fact. As you can see, I wore my sandal instead and good thing it didn't break during the trip. Or else I had to go home barefoot-ed. After taking snaps around the hill of the mountain, the tour-guide took us to the destroyed houses that is used as a museum now. You can see many things that come from the late eruption of Merapi in 2006.

It was such an amazing trip! I've never gone to a mountain before because my parents don't allow me because of health issue. They'd be terrified if they knew I just went to see Merapi upclose lmao. And yet, I'm still okay! I mean there were times when I couldn't catch my breath because the steps were too steep and bumpy and I swear, the dust was no joke. I didn't wear my mask because I thought I would be okay. But for your own safety, it's always better to cover your nose and mouth. Everything was so gray and the dust sticks to your hair. I had a hard time washing my hair to get the dust clean. But all in all, it was amazing.

Sorry for the low quality of photos. Took them using my phone!