October 18, 2015

Au revoir

I remember being called as a hoarder by one of my college friend. We're not that close anymore though we're still seeing each other once in a while. I have a habit of keeping everything even if it's a junk to other people. But I believe I collect the same thing like you guys; memories. That's why I love taking pictures so much, why I'm such a social media addict, why I keep every single moment that's happened in my life into a digital work—because I love keeping memories where I can see them.

Yesterday I went to an event held at Kompas office in Kotabaru. I didn't really want to go, didn't plan to either. But because many of my friends went there, I did too. The place wasn't so exciting but I found few interesting pieces that entertained me. I took pictures here and there with my friends. Until the moment when me and my boyfriend wanted to leave the space, I realized my phone was no longer in my sight. Well, the real story is much more complicated. But that's like the main point; I just lost my phone. And this is totally making me feel sad and down. That phone is considered new. I just got it this year on my birthday. I keep so many things in that phone. Photos and videos, emails, personal information, everything. As a blogger and social media addict, my phone is everything. And what hurts the most as a hoarder is the history chat. I've lost it once when I changed my phone, now I have to experience it again. It's painful not being able to track my phone down. Now I wish it were an iPhone so I could track it.

But what's done is done. I'm grateful that it's just my phone, not my wallet. Also, I lock my phone and all the applications installed using password, so I hope at least it can prevent whoever holds my phone now to steal any information from it.

So long my love...


  1. Great post dear!


  2. I am very very sorry for you, dear... :(
    hope you find it or can get back your information, pictures, etc.

    lots of kisses xx



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