November 01, 2015


Sometimes I wish I was a busier girl.

With a very tight schedule and packed day, jumping from one activity to the other like a rabbit. Without having any time to rest at all. Not even to check on my phone except for some important calls and work-related notification. I wish I was colder. I wish I didn't have much spare time, so I couldn't rest and let my thoughts to wander off to things I shouldn't be thinking. I thought I've learned how to enjoy my solitude for 19 years. Guess I didn't learn my best.

So I wish I could be more focused on myself. Because I hate being dependent. I hate having to think about things I shouldn't be thinking, things that don't matter that much but still take so much space in my mind. I wish I were busier, so I couldn't stop and look around. To kill my self-dependency, to never lean on anybody.

Because we're finite.

And I want to be freed from all these haunting images that keep bugging me.


  1. keren, keep writing, keep inspiring

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  3. Maybe you need to change your itinerary. Travel more, get more involved with community or charity works, join more orgs, find new hobbies. :)

    I hope you find your peace of mind and independence.


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