January 03, 2016

Hungry aren't we? // Zango Express

Hi guys! I'm supposed to be studying for my tests tomorrow but anyway, I can't hold back the urge to share this post with you now. So as I've promised many times ago, I would start documenting my oh-so-called 'journey' in Jogja. I will write and talk as much as I can about amazing holiday destinations that you can reach even by yourself and places to eat. Because this city is just so full of that! Mouth-watering culinary that is.

Last Saturday night I went to this cute little place called Zango Express with boyfriend. It's a waffle place, FYI. I first knew this place from my best friend and she told me to try the chocolate one because it was super delicious. And I did try! Although I can't say that the taste is as amazing as my best friend would say because I expected something more than that, but it tasted okay. Maybe because I've had snacks before therefore my stomach was already full, so I couldn't really recall the taste. But it was okay. The waffle costs for IDR 20k (++), so I guess it's pretty affordable? I would go back to this place to try its matcha waffle :9 It has indoor and outdoor dining room so if you just got back from a long hot day under the sun, you can take a rest in their indoor dining room!

I can't probably go too details on this because I was in a rush. But I'm open to any questions and suggestion on where or what to eat. I will be delighted to help out! Until then, thank's for reading. Now I gotta go back studying lmao. Happy Sunday!

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