January 03, 2016


Please forgive me for the lack of posts in December. I got really busy preparing myself for the final tests. Also, I was having some issues with myself during the last few days into new year so I became more quiet than ever, as opposed on my previous post.

Okay so how was your new year celebration? Unlike my usual new year celebration where I go out with my friends or family to witness a sky full of fireworks, this year, since my family couldn't make it to visit me like last year, I decided to stay at my boyfriend's home making dinner by the two of us while playing game and watching movie. New year's eve was our fourth monthversarry so boyfriend made us lots of meat for dinner. We ate until we couldn't move again because of our full stomach. It's a festive occasion so I guess it's okay to eat a little too much, lol.

2015 has been a dear to me. I can't exactly describe how that year has brought me into, turning me into someone who I am today. I got many new friends and go to many places. Even though I have nothing to be proud of with my GPA but that's okay haha. I'm planning to do better next time.

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