May 01, 2016

I remember the first days of us

I remember the first days of us.

Where just the thought of your name woke the butterflies inside my stomach.
I remember feeling happy 24/7 just being with you.
Never once on those days I shed a tear.
For every night you would be there to make sure I would sleep well knowing I'm loved.
You would call first, always.
The snuggles were cuter, the hugs were tighter, and the smiles were more sincere.
We hardly fought. Even if we did, you wouldn't let me go home sobbing in tears.

I remember the first days of us.

Those days were absolutely more perfect than these days.

But hey, you know what? I believe in what my mom says, the longer the time shared in a relationship, the calmer and less drama it will be. If on the first days of us I would cry heavily knowing we can't watch a movie on its premiere, these days I will simply just be sad and take it easy because we can always watch on another day. Relationships will look fun in the beginning; the flirt, the smiles, the affection, the drama, the tears, the screams--but it will take you nowhere.

The longer the time shared between two people, they will finally learn how to respect and understand each other. To always consider the other's feeling. It may not be fast, because jumping into a serious relationship is like playing console game with two players. You gotta adjust the view and everything you do will affect your partner.

I remember the first days of us.

Those days were so much better than these days.

I cry a lot, get sad a lot, disappointed and confused from time to time. And I believe you feel the same way too. We disagree on many things.

I gotta be honest, I miss the first days of us.

But I hope in the future, we can sail not only in the river full of rocks, but to a more open, wider space of the ocean.

Sincerely, your #1 fan, D

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