June 01, 2016

ArtJog | 9

Yesterday I went to Jogja National Museum with Galih to attend another art exhibition called ArtJog. It's their ninth exhibition and my second one (I attended their eighth last year). Yes, I may not look like an artsy kid but I do enjoy looking at magnificent artworks and roaming around the exhibition. It has always been an amazing experience visiting ArtJog because it's probably one of the most prestigious art exhibition here and you will always be mesmerized by literally everything.

Okay, no more chit chats! Here I took some pictures from that day. Enjoy!

This is Galih, my travelling partner that day c:

The size of the painting is too wide it won't even fit my lens!

Oddly satisfying

This is a 4D artwork that looks like a 2D work...

The two pictures above are both still the same artwork. There's this painting that if you look from afar, it will create a scene like the one pictures in the first picture. But if you take a closer look, even closer than ever, you'll realize that the painting itself is assembled from Javanese writings. It is such a mind blowing work that I can't even think how did the creator come up with this kind of idea. I mean difficulties aside, he has to know how to write Javanese writings which in my opinion, is something really hard to do. I wish I can read them just to know the meaning behind the writings.

Aesthetically pleasing

Photos are taken by me