July 03, 2016


So here it is! The project that I've been working on c: Not everyone knows that aside from wasting money in such a huge amount every month, I also love making money. But since I live far away from my parents and the fact that I'm bad at managing my money, I face a lot of difficulties collecting money as a start-up for my business. So I was thinking, what business that doesn't take too much space in real life, cheap, and easy to manage? Selling premium application it is. See, I know that this kind of shop is pretty much everywhere here in Indonesia. Like, if you look up in Instagram to buy a certain filter in VSCO cam, you can find that one shop that suits your needs and buy it right away. So why did I choose selling application?

I'm not looking for profit for now. I never really sell anything before, so it's important for me to practice my selling ability. The marketing, the products, the customer, the brand itself. What I'm doing here is really small and probably side-eyed by most people but hey, I don't care! Profit is not my main focus for now. I find the joy in seeing people actually buying the product I sell and how they're satisfied with my service. That's what I'm looking for.

For my fellow Indonesian, please head to our new Instagram, @appfortwo.id and see if you have something that picks your interest. We're currently selling VSCO cam full pack for IDR 7000 only and hundreds of LINE theme for IDR 5000! They're pretty cheap according to most online shops out there.

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  1. Well, congrats! You're wise and mature enough to know how to replenish your funds. Good job, you.


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