August 25, 2016

Hungry aren't we? // Socius

Oh it feels good to be back! And by back I mean back writing reviews of cafes or restaurants that me and boyfriend have experienced before. I'm still struggling whether I have to make a new blog to start my food blog or just use this one instead because I want this new food blog to be a professional one where we really put detailed information and attention to everything, from the ambiance of the place to the taste of the foods. This time, we went to Socius. It's pretty easy for you to get there but don't ask me how because we all know I'm not good with directions. I've been wanting to go here since the first time I saw one of my senior in uni posted a photo in Socius' rooftop. And it was very pretty, even on a broad day light. So I told my boyfriend the other day that I wanted to try their food as well. Just to see if the view matches the taste.

As you can see above, the price is not that expensive. Most of the foods are under 30K and that's pretty cheap looking at the place itself. But I have a hard time figuring out what theme are they trying to apply to the menu because you know... foods from all over the country are mixed here. There's Asian, and then Western foods. I don't really like a cafe or restaurant that mixes its food genres.

I decided to have chicken maryland, chocolate pot de creme, and chocolate ice. Boyfriend had salmon cheese roll, schezuan rice, and melon longan. We also got free dessert that you could pick, the waitress would ask you by then.

Chocolate ice and melon longan

Chicken maryland

I am totally not recommending you guys the chicken maryland because despite the price (costs me 30+ish rupiahs), the chicken tastes very cheap. It's even worse than those frozen nuggets :( The chicken tastes frozen and bland, I don't really get the taste of the brown sauce, and the cheapness oh my, it's so obvious. Really thumbs down for this dish. And it's not that much anyway for a 30K+ worth of dish. I still prefer the one you can have at Parsley.

Schezuan rice

Salmon cheese roll

Chocolate pot de creme

Ice cream waffles

As for the free dessert, we got ourselves ice cream waffles. The ice cream was good, but the waffles were terrible. So spongy, tough, and bland. I didn't even take a second or third mouth into the waffles. It was just terrible. But boyfriend was right, what do you expect from a free desserts?

Overall? I give out 6.5/10.

August 20, 2016


Hello! I'm so glad to be able to write something up for this blog. I'm still pretty busy with the activities at my art group but now that I just got home I can relax a bit and post something here. So few days ago me and my boyfriend celebrated Indonesia's independence day at this tiny cafe near my guest house. I've been dying to go to this cafe because it's a cat cafe where you can enjoy delicious beverages and snacks while playing with the cats there. It has a good ambiance, though I must say the place is too small and I don't think it can handle many guests. Still, the cats are so lovely and cute I couldn't stop squeezing myself out of their cuteness. I took some pictures there, hope you guys enjoy them :)

This is my hot chocolate, topped with fluffy marshmallows which costs me around 20k-ish rupiahs, I guess. I can't really remember, sorry :( But it tastes really good!

I'm sorry that I can't really write much because I'm sleepy as hell. I still have to go to Kulonprogo tomorrow morning to run some errands. I hope you guys enjoy this post and any questions regarding the place or the price just leave them at the comment section!

But here you go a bonus picture of me and my favorite cats!

August 05, 2016

Touristing Lembang

I guess I'm getting lazy nowadays. And by lazy I mean I don't write as much as I used to. Do I have the time? Yes. Do I have the guts? Probably not. I just finished my semester break and I went to a lot of places last holiday with my family. I took many photos and I was so gidy to post and write about it on the blog. After what seemed like forever editing the photos, my interest in writing the entire thing suddenly disappeared. This post itself has been lying around in this blog for a week (?) without any words or story of how I spent my holidays there. And for that, I'm truly sorry.

But here goes my apologize gift! I try to re-write this again. Though it's not gonna be as fun as how it's supposed to be. But I'm trying.

Okay so if any of you guys follow me on either Snapchat or Instagram, yes, I had a short holiday in Lembang with my family. It was very short, we went there on weekend because my dad insisted the whole family just because me and my brother were going back to Jogja the next day. Okay, back again, I've known Lembang since one of my senior at uni went there for KKN and the place itself got even more famous I guess when Awkarin visited the Farmhouse with her clique. Well at least that's in my opinion. I saw her photos and everything looks so interesting. We stayed for one night only and fortunately the road wasn't as crowded as how it was during lebaran so no, we didn't waste our time on the road again this time (yay to that). Our hotel was not so far from the Farmhouse and I guess it was a pretty great deal (IDR 800k/night).

The first photo above is me and my brother riding on a horse in our hotel. The horses and their owners got into the hotels and offered anyone who wanted to try riding them. Ugh I hate big animals. And it was scary as hell! I felt like I could just fall anytime from the saddle! It only costed like IDR 30k each round. I'm pretty sure you can find them scattered around Lembang.

First destination is; Farmhouse Susu Lembang! It's more like a thematic little village that offers you an amazing view of the old European houses and exterior design. I bet once you get inside the Farmhouse, you won't be able to hold yourself not to take loads of photos with your friends. The entrance fee is IDR 20k. I suggest you to park your car inside the Farmhouse not in the outside so you don't have to line up to buy the ticket. Trade your ticket with free cold or hot milk on your own choice of flavor!

Farmhouse is such a beautiful place, I can't stop saying that. You get to eat, take photos, play with animals and feed them directly, shop, even rent a European milk lady costume and wear it around the village. There are so many things you can do here with your family or friends. I'm sure will be going back to this place again, maybe with my friends?

My second visit to Lembang is the so famous Floating Market, located not far from the Farmhouse itself. Just like Farmhouse, once you buy yourself the entrance ticket, you can trade it with some free drinks of your choice. They have plenty more choices here than in Farmhouse. So choose wisely! :p Floating Market is a foodcourt, in a nutshell. But in here, the seller sits on a small boat literally floating on the water and we buy the foods from there. No cash, trade them with some cute coins like pictured below and start shopping. The foods are good, I can't say it's great though. But the ambiance is nice.

Aaannnd my third and last destination before going back home; Tangkuban Perahu. Is it too late to say that this is my first time visiting this place? While I'm sure some of you (or most of you) have visited this place at least 10 times in your life. For an active volcano, this place has a very low temperature. Yet I still saw some girls rocking super short shorts there. I wonder how could they battle the cold. Here below are my not so effortless photos of trying to look decent when really, I was almost frozen!

Photos of my recent trip to Lembang, Bandung.