March 09, 2017

Girls' ultimate happiness

Is definitely shopping 'till drop! LMAO. I mean, who doesn't love shopping especially when you're single and have plenty of time to beautify yourself and make everyone jealous of your new look??? But in my case, I don't just spend all my pocket money on clothes all at once. I don't come from a wealthy family, you guys know that, but my parents always give me more than I need in which I'm truly grateful about. I also have this mindset where as long as I'm still a student and jobless and my parents still take me under their financial wings, I should never splurge on branded items, especially in clothes. That's why I really love shopping through Instagram because most Instagram-based online shops in Indonesia have affordable fashion items. One of them being Popoluca. Recently they have just opened their physical store and today I decided to go there with my friends to kill time for our next class. What first began as a window shopping, ended up with me scoring a very nice black patched bomber jacket which is a perfect complement for my new white chunky sandals that I got from Floh Market last Sunday.

I always struggle to find the perfect casual bag that would fit my daily needs. One of them being too small for my big wallet (it is the size of a an A4 notebook). This sling bag is no different. It's not even big enough to fit my power bank let alone my wallet. I think I have a thing for using extra size stuffs lol. But when I was strolling at the Floh Market and saw it hanging cutely with the other bags, I knew right then and there that I had to take it home. It originally has gold chain as the strap but since gold chain isn't adjustable, I asked the lady if I could change it with other bag's strap. My torso is shorter than my feet so I love my bags to be versatile in the straps so I can adjust it to my own body length so it won't make my body even shorter than it already has. It also comes in a very great deal of IDR 45k!

I also got this pair of cuties at the Floh Market the next day. I didn't bring enough cash on the first day and they wouldn't take payment with cards so I decided to come back the next day and bring this baby home! I've always wanted this kind of shoes. Open toe with chunky heels that aren't too tall and still looking casual to be worn to campus. This one is actually a secondhand shoes so it doesn't cost me that much money (IDR 75k only!) as it would on online shops in Instagram.

This baby just came in today as I've told you above. The moment I bought the white sandals, I immediately needed new black outer to complete my outfit because I had none. I saw one that caught my heart at the Floh Market as well but when I came back the next day, the jacket that I had my eyes on was no longer there :( It's pretty surprising that Popoluca's stuffs actually fit my taste especially in their outerwear section. They have a lot of choices from bomber to army to silk jacket with beautiful embroidery. I was gonna get the velvet top that I tried in the first photo but as I've told you, I don't like spending all my money all at once. So maybe I'll bring that baby home next week, fingers crossed!

Thank you for reading and I hope you guys have a nice weekend! xx

March 03, 2017

Flea market

I realize that I rarely speak about the local entertainment in the blog. It's always about cafe and restaurant. So for the very first time, I'm gonna talk about my late night walk to the infamous flea market located in southern Jogja, Pasar Klithikan. After doing papers with my study group yesterday, it was still too early for me to stay inside so I chatted Caesar and asked him if he had any plans that night. He said he was going to Pasar Klithikan with our two seniors to look for cassette tape there and since I've never been there all my life, I decided to come along and take my camera with me. Pasar Klithikan is a flea market that sells everything, from secondhand bags, shoes, books, old money, gadgets, to small things that would complement your needs, even the most unthinkable things are sold there. Many say that it's a place where stolen things are being sold but of course, there's no way to prove that, but I have a friend who happens to see his stolen helmet sitting nicely, waiting to be bought there. I still think it's hard to find a decent flea market here in Jogja (that doesn't have rumors about selling stolen things) because I always think that there's an art in scoring something from a secondhand store. You don't just get the thing you're searching for, you also get a 'story' from the things you buy. It comes with a history, comes with a 'fighting scar' and that for me is the most interesting thing about going to the flea market. But of course, you have to be pretty good in bargaining with the seller. And I personally think it's gonna be a whole lot easier if you're fluent in Javanese, since we live in the Javanese population. But if you're not looking for anything in particular, you can always pay this strange little flea market near Malioboro to kill your time. I recommend going there after the sun sets because that's just how I like to enjoy my walk around the market. Whatever floats your boat.