June 16, 2017


This was supposed to be posted few months ago around February or April, right after I finished my mid semester exam. But as always, uni life got me stuck in the middle of nowhere and that's that. So one day around that time, me and my friends decided to go visit Hayati, a new cafe at Demangan while waiting for Rama to finish his Friday pray. I've been wanting to visit Hayati since it's located right next to Popoluca's offline store and it has this industrial interior design. People have been posting about it on Instagram and it has became the 'it' place for hanging out because it does have cozy surrounding and plays really cool playlist. Though I don't really fancy their coffee selection because it's too mainstream and too overrated. The taste is pretty much so-so, doesn't leave any remarkable taste on my tongue and I still prefer Blackbone over Hayati. However, if you happen to shop at Popoluca, you can always pay Hayati a visit to take some Instagram-worthy pictures but maaayyybe not for the coffee? Tell me how it tastes for you guys!

Pictured above are Dio's tea, Rhia's ice chocolate, and my red velvet coffee. As I've told you in the previous paragraph, it's struggling in having an iconic taste that would make you remember Hayati itself. It doesn't really make me craving for more aside from its amazing interior design and many cool photo spots, but the coffee is lacking in the marking department :( Shame because even the choices of the coffee itself is very limited and mainstream. You can find the exact same menu Hayati has at other coffee shop and it would taste just the same. So yeah, once is okay. But the second time here would be very hard to decide.

Rama's shrimp salad - it tastes decent fortunately

Now here comes the rating part! I'm not trying to sugar coat everything nor lying about the coffee here but this is truly coming from the heart okay so I hope anyone who reads this understands that it's okay not to write daisies and ponies and unicorns about a certain place's foods or beverages because why would you even write down something dishonest, right? Though Hayati doesn't leave me speechless with their coffee, they still amazes me with the interior and the playlist. Their outside hang out spot is also nice and looks very pretty, which becomes a bonus if you're planning to do your paper with your friends here. However, I'm down for the coffee because I'm a coffee junkie! So let's split the rating; 8/10 for the interior, but 4/10 for the coffee. Whoops! I hope next time I pay them a visit, they would improve their coffee.


  1. The interior is definitely cute with the geometry and wood decor. Sorry the coffee did not taste as good as you'd like!

    The Mel Division

  2. Great post and photos really liked ❤️
    I'd be happy friendship blogs ♥️ Subscribe to your Blogger
    Julia Shkvo

  3. Awesome photos and I love the decor....Kisses, Neha


  4. Great post! Photos are amaizing!
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  5. Such an Instagram friendly cafe!! I'm in awee.
    Lovely pics, the place is stunning!


  6. The cafe looks beautiful and the drinks look delicious, despite them not tasting that great!


  7. que lugar mas bonito, buen smoothie

  8. Such a cute cafe! If I knew, I would've visited it when I was in Jogja last month :D

  9. Great outfit! I follow you, I hope you will follow me back ♥

  10. Great post and photos! WOW!I follow you, I hope you will follow me back♥


  11. What a cozy place, I loved it!
    These drinks look delicious; I loved the pictures!


  12. Nice place... bet coffee is good! and very nice for a photo loc too!
    instagram.com/grace_njio @grace_njio

  13. what a cool cafe. Hayati lucu banget tempatnya, makanan dan minumannya juga kayaknya enak ya ^^

    xoxo, Kartikaryani


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