June 21, 2017


Just a small collection of photos that I took a while ago during my work at Lafayette Boutique Hotel in Yogyakarta. I'm so in love with their interior design. The first floor smells like cinnamon and dominated with the color white and black and red. As for the photos above, those are taken at their penthouse where an event was held, a farewell party. I've been taking job offers and help from my friends to snap some pictures in their event. Sometimes I do it for the sake of practice and CV only so no money is charged, but I do appreciate the ones who do pay me haha. Oh well, I decided to post them here because it's not fair to leave them sitting there in my laptop. I also have another portfolio tumblr, if you wanna check them out. Maybe our taste match well and who knows, maybe we can work together in the future? :)


  1. I love the work you do on your blog, I hope to see you on my blog very soon!!

  2. Pretty photos ^^

    xoxo, Kartikaryani


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