July 11, 2017

July playlist

So I decided to make this kind of post every time we enter a new month. That would encourage me to make at least new post every month, right? I like discovering new songs or old songs that I just know by now. And I like it even more when I find that a lot of people are actually listening to them too! So here goes my July playlist (in no particular order):

I make new playlist every month to show this off on Spotify. So check out my profile and follow me! Also please don't mind my totally bare face because I wasn't in the mood to put any make-up on since I wasn't going anywhere and yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's totally okay not to put that much effort for a single picture for your blog post lol. But anyway, just take it as my lame excuse to not look decent here. Adios!


  1. Anonymous11/7/17 19:10

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  2. great list, I love Ed Sheeran too :)

    Check out my latest blogpost "Rome Fashion Week: My Street Style Looks"
    >> https://evaredson.blogspot.it/2017/07/altaroma-july-2017-my-streetstyle.html
    xx, Eva

  3. I also have ahppier on my playlist these days :)

    Thanks for sharing!


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