Worth the clicks

It took me two years to find my real identity in blogging. I restarted everything in 2011 and started a brand new blog, with 100% posts are written in English, and I try to post at least one photo to accompany my readers reading the blog. It was simply "Navartierre" at first, but then the blog name got changed again into, what you may know now, as "Lucid Dreams."

What I love about blogging is that it's a really good place for people who love to write about anything. I can find dozens more people who have the same interest with me and not to mention how many friends I have made through blogging.

Local fashion inspiration:
Diana | Anastasia | Clara | Sonia | Cindy | Michelle | Arnold | Rosa | Reinhardt (for photography)

International fashion inspiration:
Doina | Jane | Chiara | Galla | Ilene | Katrina (for graphic design and photography) | Shini | Camille | Kryz | Ebba | Nicole

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