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i am…

Dyn is a young Indonesian aspiring to be a published author. Her imagination as a child was vivid and she quickly discovered her passion for writing and the English language when she entered high-school. Her parents provided her with encouragement and criticism and gave her hope that she would go far with her talent. She is currently studying Law at Universitas Gadjah Mada.

As well as reading and writing, Dyn enjoys seeing the English language and its elements correctly and sensationally used; she will search for a job in the department of proof-reading and editing when her schooling is finished, hopefully. Until then, she will continue to help whoever she can for the sake of practice and enjoyment of the task.

i write…

Dyn loves writing the same way she enjoys reading; poetry, novels and short stories of a range of genres. Her favorite genres to write in are Fantasy and Romance, though she is still exploring her abilities in different genres. She continues to write for fun and for practice, to enter competitions and one day publish a novel.


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