Frequently Asked Questions

P E R S O N A L:

Do you still go to school?
- Yes, I'm still a student in Universitas Gadjah Mada. I'm aware that this is my last year and I'm supposed to graduate soon so wish me luck on my thesis!

Why did you choose to major in law?
- I wanted to get into International Relation at first, but the stakes were so high I guess I got scared away with the 50% chance of me not getting into the major because of the very few seats available. So I applied for law because there was bigger chance for me to make it through the test because the seats were three times a lot more compared to IR. Law was never really my forte, which is why I decided to study about it. I'm not a person who gets into school because I'm already smart. The law in my country is pretty fucked up and interesting to learn so yeah... that's pretty much it.

Could you tell me how to pass the university entrance test?
- The thing about the entrance test is it's very unexpected. I got into UGM through their Ujian Mandiri (UM UGM) in 2014 and for me, personally, the test was easier than SBMPTN. I studied all night long for SBMPTN, while I didn't read a single book for UM UGM. I can't really tell if it's indeed easier or because of the differences on the pressure itself. I gotta say, I was quite laid back when I did UM UGM. I trusted myself, really. It was as if I already got accepted, I did the test with no burden at all and I guess that helps a lot? I talk about it on my You can check it out here and here.

How tall are you?
- 156 cm.

Who are your favorite musicians?
- It's very hard to say because I get addicted to a lot of musicians from time to time. But you can check out my Spotify and see what I'm listening to at the moment.

B L O G G I N G:

How did you get started?
- I started blogging in 2009. I was reading GoGirl magazine and I was looking on their blogger corner where they would feature one blogger to get interviewed each month. Long story short, the magazine started my entire blogging journey up until now. Fashion bloggers were so hype back then and I took inspiration from them a lot, even though my blog is not about fashion. Well, not always. I like the idea of having a personal space on the internet where I can fill it with everything I love. This blog has gone through a lot of important stages in my life and it's a witness and also a reminder for myself to achieve more every single day.

Why the name "Matari"?
- Matari means 'the sun', in sanskrit language. I fell in love with the name months ago, when I was scrolling through baby names out of the blue. The word gives me a warm feeling and I told myself I'm going to name my daughter with this name. It's just a love at first sight.

What kind of camera do you use?
- Canon 600D.

Who takes your pictures?
- Mostly, me. Sometimes when I go on a trip with my friends then photos could be taken by my friends too.

Do you accept gifts?
- Sure! I love gifts!

I want to start a blog, what's your advice?
- Always stay true to yourself. I mean it. If you love writing about movies, then write about movies. If you don't like writing but you like posting your photos, then post them. If you like doing reviews be it make-up or making a tutorial, then do it! There is no limit in what content you can post in your blog. And it should reflect you. Don't try to hide or fake anything, and don't ever copy other blogger's style. If you don't like posting about certain things, then don't post it. Blogging should be fun, it should be your secret getaway that is not so secret. Make friends, be kind, and have fun!

Do you do commission?
- Currently, yes. Just hit me up through my email!