- I start doing typography using Photoscape since 2010. I learned all the basics by myself. Then I started using Photoshop CS6 for more detailed works. I still consider myself an amateur. Most of my font collections come from Fonts Squirrel and here. The inspirations come from everything. When I feel so down and sad, my works will resemble my feelings. As well as when I feel happy and lovey dovey. For scanner, I use EPSON L-350. It prints and scans well.

- I've always wanted to work outside Indonesia. Since I love studying about foreign languages, being an interpreter for the United Nations sounds a great dream! I also picture myself being one of the animators for Pixar cartoons because I just loveee cartoons! I have a thing for graphic design and world's literature, still trying to find what kind of dream that involves both.

- I personally use Canon 600D with standard lens. I still use pocket camera, my oldest one is Sony DSC-W270. I love the vintage and broken results it gives. I edit all of my photos using Photoshop CS6. All photos posted here are taken and edited by me unless stated otherwise.

- I'm from Indonesia, currently studying law at University of Gadjah Mada. I love One Direction, EXO, and Super Junior. I want to travel across UK and meet the lads. I love kpop as much as I love britpop. I don't see the language a song uses as a barrier. I love trying new things and though I'm quiet stereotype for some things, I'm an open-minded person!

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