Hello! If you happen to click this 'sponsorship' section, I assume you're interested to do something fun with me! So unlike any other bloggers out there, I only accept offers and work collaborations if it picks my interest and I see it suitable for my blog's readers. Please don't forget to address my name (Dyn) when getting in touch for faster respond :)
  1. I only accept sponsorship in the form of product review, sidebar and top bar advertising, and giveaway hosting. I'm also open to any kind of invitations for workshop or product launching.
  2. For international sponsors, please note that I am currently not taking cash payment via PayPal. I only take cash payment from local banks. So if you want to work with me, please refer your payment to the local banks.
  3. All sponsored posts and reviews are written out of pure thoughts from me.
  4. Please be friendly. And even though I'm fully aware that English isn't my first language as well, but using proper grammar would be highly recommended.
  5. I don't do reviews unless the payment is an item sent to me.
There are three ways that I offer in my blog:

Sponsors will send me the product(s) in which I will choose first beforehand and if it suits the style of my blog and to my reader (I want to keep it honest and still sounding like me!), sponsors will have to send the item within two weeks maximum. I don't charge further price aside from the one that sponsor has to pay for the delivery service of the item. I will then review the item and link it to the sponsor. All items sent to me will be kept forever along with the blog post and everything within.

Sponsor can put their banner/logo on my blog's sidebar for the time they have chosen. There are three categories in terms of time and size of the banner itself:
- Sidebar banner:

1 month option or 3 month discounted package available

1 month option or 3 month discounted package available

1 month option or 3 month discounted package available

- Top bar banner:

- Time: 1 month, 6 months, 12 months
Price does vary between all the choices but I can make sure it's gonna be worth it. For further information regarding the pricing, please contact me through my email at the end of this page.

Be it coupons, items from you, or anything, I can help you to arrange a giveaway for my followers and blog readers. Giveaway item must be coming from you, I will only provide the hosting service. No further charges apply.

I'm open to any ideas about advertising your product(s) :)

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All of sponsorship/giveaway programs are promoted and published across all of my social media without further charges applied. If you've read all of the points above, and agree to all terms and conditions, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email at dyn [dot] nava [at] gmail [dot] com! :) Thank you and have a nice day!