September 21, 2018

Purivera Botanicals: Grapeseed & Almond Face Oil Review

When I first took beauty matter seriously, I jumped right into make-up instead of skin care. I would say that it wasn't a great move, because make-up tends to hide imperfections instead of repairing it. Not a lot of my friends notice how bad my skin condition is, because I cover them with make-up nowadays. But I used to have normal healthy skin until I started experimenting with make-up. I can even say that my skin has worsen over time because of my lack of knowledge about skin care. I keep slapping make-up products over and over my skin problem without actually taking care of the damage it cause.

My main problem when it comes to my skin is blackheads and large pores. I have very textured skin cause by my large pores. It's something that I got from my family's gene. Added the fact that I also get oily throughout the day, my T-zone becomes full of blackheads and looks even more textured which looks really gross whenever I put complexion products on top of it. After searching here and there, I found one particular brand that struck my interest, Purivera Botanicals.

I first heard about the brand from a dear friend of mine who is more experienced in skin care shenanigans. Purivera Botanicals has a wide variety of face oils and face mist, as well as serums made from natural ingredients. I have never tried face oils before because my face is like the biggest oil producers and I was afraid slapping more oils onto my face would only make it worse. But time has changed, and so does the method. People no longer fight oils with water, but we fight oils with oils, which to me kinda makes sense because oil and water cannot beat each other. They just don't go hand in hand.

I decided to purchase the grapeseed and almond oil as my first try. I was actually aiming solely on the grapeseed oil because everytime I saw Purivera's update on their Instagram story with their customer's review, a lot of them talk about how magical the grapeseed is. I added the almond oil to my cart at the last minute because it claims to be a spot treatment for post-acne recovery. I don't deal with acne a lot except for times during my PMS so it's a hormonal acne but even so, most of my acne are quite "friendly" because they don't usually stay on my face more than 3 days.

After using this oil for more than a month now, I must say that I'm very very surprised with my current skin condition. First of all, let me tell you how really magical the grapeseed oil is. Few weeks ago I was on my period and as usual, I had a few pimples showing up. One of the pimples was on my forehead and it was so big and white like it's so full of bacteria hiding underneath my skin. And then I carefully use the grapeseed oil to spot-treat the acne and left it overnight. The result? The next morning, it was gone. The acne was nowhere to be found. It didn't even leave any scar behind! As for the almond oil, I haven't seen any major change it does to my face yet. I will probably try another variant to replace the almond once it runs out. Oh, one more thing, face oil is supposed to repair the texture of your skin so it should make your skin feels softer. Of course it takes time but I have proven it, my skin has gotten a lot more better since before I used these face oils.

I usually use the almond oil in the morning after I take a bath and before I leave my house, and use the grapeseed one at night before I go to sleep as suggested by Purivera themselves. They don't recommend me to mix the oil though, so be careful.

Overall, I'm so glad I found this brand because they're so affordable and worth more than the money you spend on it!

September 18, 2018

Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighter: Crown of My Canopy Review

Wet N Wild has grown so much in me, believe it or not. Remembering all those days where I didn't wear a lot of make-up, the only beauty product I put on my face was only my sheer lipstick from a local brand, and now I have an array of make-up products to create a full face look. I recently figured out that Watson actually sells Wet N Wild products, although they miss out a lot of the items such as eyeshadow palette and incomplete shade range. So I had to buy few things online since they're not available in Watson.

So as you guys can see from the title of this post, here I have my one and only, my very first highlighter and it's from Wet N Wild. I had been wanting this highlighter so bad for so many months but whenever I checked on Watson, it kinda dropped my guts to the floor since the price was not friendly enough for my college student wallet :( I remember that one time when I went to Watson to grab a few things and one of the employees offered me this highlighter in liquid packaging and my first impression trying the product was not good, since it left me in what looked like a sea of glitters. I was scared that I would end up like a child had just thrown me glitter ball.

But then I saw Kathleen Lights mentioning this highlighter again in one of her videos, in the powder version. She raved this highlighter so much, what with the buildable formula and the affordable price, it's such a great product for someone who's on a budget but still want their make-up to not look dead matte. And so I asked for my friend to get me the highlighter. I chose the shade Crown of My Canopy since my skin tone is medium dark and the color seems to match perfectly.

I love the simple packaging, but I feel like you gotta be really careful when you take it with you during travel because I've read a lot of reviews saying it's easy to break. As for the color, this time I'm really happy that I picked the right shade. Now my face doesn't look dead matte. It's not the kind of highlighter that gives you intense, blinding highlight with just one swipe, but you can definitely build it up as much as you like. The only downside I really pay attention is it emphasizes the texture of your skin, other than that it's all good.

September 16, 2018

Brushes galore!

So I recently just got myself a bunch of new brushes from the last Shopee big sale on 9th September. I'm still looking for more eye brushes even though I don't have an eyeshadow palette yet, but I think it's better to get the tools first. I also wanna talk about how I have grown more attached to Shopee these days. It's an online marketplace where people sell and buy things from literally everyone. The reason why I love to shop from Shopee is because they're very simple and user-friendly. But of course, there are still a lot of people who are not used in online shopping such as my friends but it's easy to teach them the step by step when it comes to Shopee. I remember how I used to think that online shopping is very scary because how do you know your stuff is going to arrive and the seller doesn't disappear with your money? But now online shopping is a part of me. I'm not even exaggerating. It's such a convenient shopping method that saves me time versus going to an actual store.

Back to my brushes, I know it's not a lot to be considered as a 'galore' lol but I didn't realize how many brushes I bought all at once until they all came in my doorstep. I have been eye-ing on Wet N Wild's brushes because they're super affordable. I don't know how much they are retailed for on the counter (like Matahari, or probably Watson) but this one right here only costs me Rp. 28.000. I thought it would at least cost me Rp. 50K, ha! The bristles are so smooth and I love the pink accent, it's so cute. Sadly I only bought one from the entire collection because I only needed a contour blush for now. The rest of the brushes with the black handles are unbranded but still, 8 brushes for Rp. 49K is such a great deal.

How about you? Do you have any favorite make-up brushes? What's your recent purchases? Let me know in the comment section!

September 13, 2018

What to watch: Crazy Rich Asians

I know I haven't written about any movie review on the blog in such a long time because I had a hard time finding actually good movies AND the time to write it down. But this time, I try my best to sit down and breath it all in and start writing about the latest movie in the market; Crazy Rich Asians. The movie is adapted from a best-selling book by Kevin Kwan and I am so ashamed that I haven't even read the book. But it helps a lot, you know, when you know nothing about the movie and so you will judge the movie for being a movie, and not based on the book even though that's the downside of watching a novel-adapted movies. I will let you guys google the brief synopsis of what the movie is all about before we jump into my review.

A lot of people are saluting this movie for being an American movie with all-Asian cast since the last time they had it in 1993. I'm so glad the producer actually take the time to search down really good Asian actors and actresses to play this movie. I remember watching Black Panther and I still saw a few white people playing as T'Chala's Dora Milaje, which was weird, because they were in Africa. So that's a really plus point of this movie!

I was scared at first with what non-Asian people have to say about the movie, because it sounds a little bit off but after I watch it, I can relate to the story. It's not something that we, Asian people haven't seen in real life. It does happen. Even though I'm not a Chinese, but I have Chinese friends who acknowledge a lot of the things that happen and portrayed in the movie. I myself am also currently dating a man from another island and that is still considered somewhat rare. That's why I'm so in love with this movie. Yes, it's a typical TV show drama but it's so great and fun and saddening all at the same time that it moves me.

I have two favorite characters from the movie; Peik Ling. We all deserve at least one Peik Ling in our lives. She's the kind of best friend that is just so real and supportive and cool and very reliable.

And my other favorite character would be Astrid, Nick's cousin. She's the very sweet example of a strong independent woman with a big heart and a soft spot for kids ugh, something that I aspire to be. Her character show you what the bitter outcome of lowering yourself for other people instead of asking them to be up on your level.

All in all, the movies feels very sweet and romantic, I even cried twice. I don't usually enjoy Asian rom-com but this movie is just so good that I feel like I need to watch it all over again. I will certainly get the books (because I heard that this is a trilogy!). The characters are great, story is a bit predictable, I'm not saying I haven't seen this kind of plot, but it's wrapped up really careful and lovely. And of course, me being an Asian myself, I can honestly say this movie is not giving me daydreams. Instead, it gives me lessons of how I should live my life. As a woman, an Asian woman.

September 08, 2018

Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer Review

I feel like I need to start each of my posts with the same template where I would give you little updates on what's currently happening on my life and then we'd continue with the post of the day. I don't think it's a bad template considering this is still a personal blog to me and thus I would love to make all of you guys as my friends who I can talk to.

Even though sadly, we can't talk directly face to face :(

Anyway, I have made a lot of new purchases recently and one of them happens to be Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer in the shade Ticket To Brazil. Now, as I've told you guys before how I've been trying to fill in the gaps of my make-up collection, I manage to get myself a bronzer. Sadly tho, this product kinda disappoints me.

I first saw this product in one of Kathleen Lights' videos. Wet N Wild is such an affordable drugstore make-up with pretty decent quality and so, when this product came up as one of her favorite bronzer, I had my hopes set high. I had a hard time choosing which shade would suit my skin tone because they only have 3 shades; Reserve Your Cabana, Ticket To Brazil, and Bikini Contest. I tried to google the shades online but still it left me confused because I wasn't sure there would be a shade dark enough to bronze my skin. But then I followed Kathleen's words that said Ticket To Brazil would look good for people with darker skin tones, and so I chose that shade.

Unfortunately once the product came, my guts dropped to the floor because even just by looking at the pan I knew exactly it wouldn't be dark enough for me. I hate when brands don't have a wide variety of shades for darker skin tones. I was also surprised to know that it's a very shimmery bronzer! I hate shimmers on my face except for eyeshadow and highlighter :(

But it's pretty pigmented and easy to blend. It just doesn't work as I hoped it would. So instead of using it as a regular bronzer, I use it as an undereye topper or even as a highlighter since it's so shimmery, almost as shimmery as my Wet N Wild highlighter.