May 21, 2018

Beauty With Dummy: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Oh, yes, FINALLY! After so many times looking at so many Youtube reviews of this foundation, I finally have it in my hand and for that we're going to have another review about it today. So just like what I said in my previous beauty review, I'm not a huge foundation and concealer junkie because I don't have visible complexion that I want to cover on a daily basis. I usually wear them when I go on a date with my boyfriend, or special events like weddings. Because honestly, even until today, I'm still a lazy girl. One of the biggest reason why I started pretty late on this entire make-up shenanigans is because I have always been lazy. I don't make time to take care of my own skin or looks. And wearing make-up means I have to make extra time to take them off too before I go to sleep and that, my friend, is never a short step. We all know that removing make-up is more than just using a make-up remover or applying toner, right? That's what I'm talking about.

I have been eye-ing on this product for the past few months. It seems like I'm always late into every booming drugstore make-up because I need to watch and read reviews from beauty vloggers and bloggers. I also ask my friends if this actually works wonderful like it claims to be and most people (and reviews) recommend this along with the L'Oreal Infallible foundation. I bought it on the department store when it was on a sale so I got it for IDR 112.000-ish, pretty good deal, right? It's originally IDR 150.000. I was not in a dire need for a foundation but amazing how a great deal can totally change my mind lol 😂 Alright, let's dive right in!

Maybelline comes up with two Fit Me foundation; Matte & Poreless and Dewy & Smooth. I have combination skin that gets super oily on the T-zone but gets super dry on the rest of my face, and when I swatch the Dewy & Smooth one, it feels super liquid-y, like the foundation just glides on my face like water. It makes my skin glowing and don't get me wrong, I love it, but I already have natural oil produced heavily on my face every second so no, I don't think I need another extra glow, thank you.

Unlike the last time when I bought my concealer, this time I had the chance to try it right on my face so I could worry less about the shade not matching with my skin tone. In case you haven't heard, never ever swatch foundation or concealer on your hand. Always swatch it on the sides of your face down to your neck, and it's always best to match the color of your neck with your face because some people have darker neck and brighter face and you want your face to look the same like your neck even if it's actually darker on the face, get it? I asked the lady if this foundation oxidize and she said yes. I was gonna go for 330 because it's totally my shade but imagine having 330 oxidizing on my skin and my face will look like it just got out of the oven. So I swatched 310 and eventhough it's a little bit lighter than 330, the oxidizing will help.

Let's talk about the packaging. I gotta be honest, I hate the fact that it doesn't come with a real applicator. I mean it's not very handy and it can get messy if you're not being cautious. I wish it came with a spatula, or a wand, or even better, a pump. Although I'm well aware Maybelline is trying to make a very affordable great foundation for everyone so adding its own applicator will add a few cents to the price. But, I don't mind! Really. If it's to make applying the foundation easier. I like the overall packaging and that it's in a solid glass bottle with black cap that makes the entire product looks very simple and elegant which I live for.

So, yeah, I used to put the foundation on my hand before I rub them on to my face with the sponge but I realize that I'm wasting a decent amount of product that sinks into my palm because I'm the world's slowest when it comes to blending my foundation. I was going to get myself like an artist's color palette to put my liquid foundation somewhere other than my hand. And as you can see, without the pump, I can't really tell you how much I use in the photo below to cover my entire cheek.

The foundation itself is really easy to blend and doesn't dry out too fast, which gives you enough time to blend it into your skin. It claims to be a full coverage and lightweight foundation but as you can see, the redness around my nose is still visible so I need to cover it with my concealer. I'm pretty sure you can reach up for the 'full coverage' if you build the foundation, considering I don't always go for applying too much product in the first place so I will know if I need more coverage, then I will just add more. But it's always better to go as less as possible for the first time. It feels very light like you can still feel that it's your skin even when I go for second layer. Definitely a good sign because that way my skin can breathe through. Will I repurchase? Mmm, yeah? It's a very affordable drugstore foundation. So I will definitely get back to this if I didn't have any other option because you know, with no pump, this foundation is not really travel friendly.

That's all for today's review. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do and I hope you find them informative. If you have any further questions about the foundation, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

May 19, 2018

Beauty With Dummy: Colourpop No Filter Concealer

Hello, friends, and welcome back to yet another sophisticated make-up review by a dummy! 💃 LOL. I'm so glad that I can at least be consistent with this series because honestly, maybe this is the thing that this blog needs; a theme to keep everything in track. I realize I do have some themed posts here like movie reviews, or my travelling journal whatsoever but I've been doing it for way too long that it's getting boring. Make-up industry has been getting a lot of attention for the past few years, I think? And it of course touches this poor little heart of mine, a girl with no basic education at all about what to do with my face and how to turn myself into a fake mannequin. Okay I never meant to say that make-up turns you into a fake mannequin but I live for it, so just take it as a joke. I have taken this entire make-up shenanigans seriously ever since my ex broke me up because, I've said it before (and I'll say it again), I guess it was only natural for people who just broke up especially the girls to amp up their looks to be prettier just for a small ego boost, to show the world that they're doing okay and they look even better without the ex lover. And maybe to get more attention from the boys as well. Except it never actually works on me because... I don't know. For me, make-up is a plaything. I don't rely on make-up that much to make myself look decent and lovable in front of everyone. Because if I deserve to be loved by other people, then there will be no amount of make-up can change that. Know what I'm saying? 😉

Okay so today's make-up review, we're going to talk about my new Colourpop 'No Filter' Concealer that I bought few weeks ago through my friend. Yes, I bought it online not from an offline store, and mind you this is my first ever concealer, so you can imagine the horror of waiting in uncertainty because I was uncertain of what shade I am. I have never used a concealer or a foundation before so I had no guide whatsoever to at least gives me clue about my shade. I first heard about the product itself from Jaclyn Hill on her 2017 Best Make-Up Product videos and how she said that it's a good dupe for Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. I still can't afford the Shape Tape, I just think it's a little too much for now considering I have just started doing make-up. So before we begin, I'm in the shade #35 Medium Tan which name has changed into Medium Dark 34. Based on their website, I'm a medium-dark skin with cool undertone. So if you have the same skin tone like mine, you definitely need to read this.

Okay the first thing that I was hoping from this concealer is their coverage. It says on their website;
"A lightweight, creamy, full-coverage concealer formulated with soft-blurring pigments to create the ultimate matte, flawless complexion. Finish Matte"
And by full coverage I thought it was going to make my skin flawless, because I aim to look like a fake mannequin *wink*. You see, my skin complexion is redness and white heads and black heads too. I have visible vein spread all over my face and my undereyes are dark as well. So I really thought it would at least cover everything, even deleting my entire face so I can draw a new one. No, that would be creepy. But there I say it, is it really full coverage? No. I think it's medium to full coverage because I have redness too around my nose and uhhh, they're still there. Obviously. Smiling and waving at me like an old friend. So even if it says it's full coverage, you have to build the product. It does cover the red vein on my face but still not strong enough to cancel out my dark undereyes. I don't know if I need to color correct first though.

I have nothing against the applicator because obviously the only time I ever use a wand to apply my make-up is when I'm using liquid lipstick. But if I were to choose, I would prefer a wand like Shape Tape's one because it's very big and fluffy and more spread out so you can get even distribution of the product itself. It's very easy to apply with this applicator. It's not like, 'wow' but it's fine. And it's flexible so you can bend it to follow your facial structure to reach certain corners of the face.

It doesn't smell like anything. Does it have to smell like anything though? I don't think so. It's not a liquid lipstick so it doesn't have to smell like your favorite dessert. But I like the smell. It's not very chemical and it's not disturbing. I hate when I have to put strong scented product on my face because they just ruin my day.

This is probably the number one question that you have in mind because it is, in my head. When I'm about to buy either concealer or foundation, the number one thing I will ask is whether they oxidize or not. Because it will determine your shade—you don't want your face to look weird because of the discoloration, right? Just like apples and other fruit will turn brown when exposed to the oxygen in the air, foundation can turn a shade or two darker (or more orange) on your skin over the course of the day. And this concealer does oxidize. I swatch it for you to see how dark it gets once it settles on the skin. The upper swatch is the first swatch and the lower one is the second swatch after 10 minutes interval.

Here I want to show you of how much coverage it has if you apply it by dotting it like this. Despite its coverage, I still think that with such small amount of the product, you can cover almost your entire face, which becomes a bonus point because you will save up a lot of money for that. But if you want to intensify certain area of your face, you can just go add some more. I usually blend my concealer using a beauty sponge because although some say your fingers are the best tools because the warmth of your skin can melt the product into the skin, or even if you say sponges absorb way too much product, it's still, for me, the best tools I can use to blend everything. I don't know about using a concealer brush because I have seen a lot of people struggle with the method. And I personally think, beauty sponge helps the product to get spread more evenly across the face because of their wide surface. But of course that's just my opinion. Blend with any tools or method that suits you best.

Here's the before and after picture of me using the concealer. It does give a difference, right? I gotta be honest though, I have very sensitive eyes and my eyes tend to get watery if I put something 'new' on my face, like that one time I put on Mizzu mascara. And this time, it happens as well with the No Filter concealer. I don't know why, maybe I'm allergic to an ingredient that I haven't figured out yet. But it's not something that happens in the long run because now it gets better. My eyes don't get watery even though I can still feel like a minty sensation from the concealer.

It's long lasting, although there are times where I don't set my concealer religiously with translucent powder and so they transfer when I touch my face but when I set it properly, they last for 6-8 hours.

- It's medium to full coverage, depending on how you build the concealer itself.
- Doesn't really smell like anything disturbing
- A little goes a long way, so despite its coverage, I still think that it's pretty widespread and easy to blend which is why three dots of the concealer can cover like 1/4 of the face, depending on what tools you use to blend and how you blend it
- It's very affordable. It's retailed for $6 (IDR 125.000-ish) with a wide shade range. You can even contour with it if you can find your contour shade
- It doesn't crack on my face and most of the time I don't use primer, only Vaseline jelly to cover up my pores. It also doesn't crease even when I move my face a lot
- It DOES oxidize so you want to pick your concealer at least one shade lighter. Well, technically concealer should be one shade lighter because you're going to use them to lighten up the undereye are and areas where you want to highlight but since I'm using it as a 'foundation', it gets a little tricky to pick the right shade

Well that's it for today's review. I hope you enjoy going through this post with me. If there's anything you guys want me to review, please just hop into my email or reach me out on my social media and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for reading and have a nice day! 💙

May 18, 2018

Artjog | Enlightenment

Few days ago I finally managed to visit Artjog. This would be my fourth time to visit this annual art exhibition that once was a genuine refreshing activity. I still remember my first ever Artjog in 2015, I even wrote about it here on the blog and oh my god I sound so naive back then. I love going to art exhibition, thanks to Artjog that kinda opened the door. It's very fun and relaxing, even though you won't always understand what you see at the exhibition, but something with it just speaks very dear to me. It's saddening that I'm not as creative as I used to be with my hands. I used to draw, and I would always prefer anything to be hand-drawn instead of digital-made. But, well, I guess my preference has changed through time. And art exhibition has shown me that sky is the limit when it comes to being creative.

This year's theme is Enlightenment. And me being me, I don't always understand whether the artworks displayed have anything to do with the theme or not, because I like looking at the artists' passion through their art. Except for this one installment named, 'Sea Remembers'. I have seen the artwork through updates from some of my friends and I was so thrilled to see it in life. If you're a loyal follower of the blog, it's not a new thing that I'm in love with the sea. Which is why I travel to a lot of beaches. Something about the sound of the waves hitting the rock, or how it keeps kissing the shore no matter how many times it's being pulled back.

"May forgetting makes us remember of how imperfect creatures we are
The power of humans will never be able to compete with entrusted and appointed imperfections
If the land numbs you, remember the sea
As the sea is part of us, and also of the universe
And that His light is able to guide us into the future"

And as always, I will put up some pictures I took in the art exhibition to accompany you. On a friendly note, I know some of you guys are judging hard on people who take photos with the artwork on an art exhibition and trust me, we share the same thought. But some artworks, I'd like to pose with them because I genuinely enjoy them. So I hope that's okay.

Oh I love this one, it's aesthetically pleasing


This artwork—which title and the artist's name I forgot—is me and my boyfriend's favorite artwork in the entire exhibition. Sometimes when I take a closer look at some artworks, they're actually very simple and easy to remake, if you do want to take them home but too broke to even afford buying it. Of course, I'm against plagiarism but this one right here is so simple—so simple yet so beautiful. I mean, who would have thought to make use of glass shards into a piece of artwork? It's truly mesmerizing.

Ooh, this one is also another favorite of mine

Okay! We've finally reached the bottom of this post. I hope you enjoy my take on writing about this year's Artjog. I gotta say though, it's not as 'grand' as it used to be? For someone who has visited four Artjog exhibitions (and many other art exhibition, for the record), I feel like people who come to this exhibition mostly just come for, well, the photos. I mean, that's totally fine, by all means. I myself took some as well. But I encountered a broken artwork there because apparently a visitor stepped on it, maybe because the space was too little and too many people got in and the place got packed, the artwork got jammed because people want to take photos there. This is what concern me. You can take photos, hundreds of them, either photos of the artwork or you with the artwork. But please be cautious. You don't have to take photos on all of the artwork now do you? 😉

Well I guess that's all for now. Don't forget to pay a visit! Cheerio 👋

May 13, 2018

Midnight thoughts

So I just got back from hanging out with my friends and yes, I'm still ill. I've been suffering from cold for two weeks now and I'm getting tired with being ill. Of course, who wants to suffer from illness though? But the time my health started dropping, was also the time where I was the busiest. If you're following me on Instagram, you must have known that I'm one of the staffs for my art group's last theater performance as the event's photographer, like always. Which is one of the biggest reason why I haven't blogged again. I do have a few blog ideas; like going to Artjog to make just another annual review like I always do, set another OOTD posts, share my favorite hang out spots (I remember I have this 'secret' place that my boyfriend found a while ago and I still haven't had the time to take photos there), and even post another series of #beautywithdummy that you can search the hashtag on Instagram :p Anyway, the reason why I'm posting this photo of me sitting on the stage after the even had just ended is because it's the only decent photo I have these days. And after a while I learn that I don't really like writing about my activities in my art group on the blog. It's not that much fun to write, and people don't seem to be interested in reading about it too. I literally have nothing to talk but I just want to let you guys know that I'm coming up with a few ideas. Okay, that's not entirely true. I actually just want to write something deep and personal here because I'm having another battle with past mistakes that recently resurfaced and I don't know where to go or who to talk to because that's-just-who-I-am teehee. I don't like talking to people in general. Or maybe I just don't like being seen as a melancholic or weak-ass girl who keeps dwelling on her past. I've been thinking about a lot of things recently and ended up stressing out because of it.

I don't know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I'm really loving my ColorPop No Filter concealer that I'm using in the photo. It lasts the entire event eventhough I was sweating like a pig and my hands kept wiping my forehead and the bridge of my nose because of the excessive sweat. But they're magically still in place! Even the concealer still covered my dark under-eyes after hours running here and there taking pictures of the performance :") I think I'm going to make a review about it soon, what do you think? Oh and I also need to step up my brow game. I don't think I can last in the long run with brow pencil only no matter how much I love using only brow pencil to shape my brow. I'm thinking about buying a brow powder or brow pomade. My eyes were very thin that day, as thin as a line because I was both ill and exhausted. But being ill is never an excuse to not look decent on such important event, no? ;)

Oh well, I guess that's it for now. It's 2:57 AM and I need to rest.

May 03, 2018

Beauty With Dummy: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I probably have never shared this on the blog, neither on any of my social media about my beauty routine especially when it comes to rubbing off the make-up off of my face. But I have always been an avid fan of Pixy's make-up remover that doubles the work as a toner. Although I have an issue with it because it gets stingy and leaves a burning sensation on my face on some occasion, I still held on it very dearly. I used to use the blue one, and then I changed it with the green one that's more focused for acne-prone skin. But still, the problem with the burning sensation sets me off. Since I don't wear heavy make-up on a daily basis (and because I'm pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning my face post make-up), Pixy became a staple for my make-up routine. Most people use milk cleanser before toner and I guess that's the best way to go? Considering the milk and the toner will deep cleanse your face. But as I've said before, I'm lazy. Thus the reason why I chose Pixy's make-up remover because they offer one-step-for-all kind of toner. 

Micellar water starts becoming so hyped quickly here in Indonesia because it claims to be stronger than any make-up remover, and the best part is they're alcohol-free. I don't really find any other issue with Pixy and I don't like trying new things when I'm already comfortable in certain products :p I wasn't even planning to try any micellar water because it's more expensive than non micellar water make-up remover (have you seen Bioderma's micellar water? Gosh). But I'm dying to see what it actually does because I gotta be honest, I don't like to cake my face with a lot of make-up, which is why I have to make sure I have a healthy and glowing skin to minimize the usage of make-up. The number one brand that comes to my mind when it comes to micellar water is definitely Garnier. It's basically everywhere. So I went to Mutiara and got myself the blue one, for oily and acne-prone skin even though I have combination skin that tends to get oily on the T-zone and dry on the rest of my face. But it's better to watch out for any possibilities of breakouts than to cry myself in regret. And so, I chose the blue one!

Today I didn't wear any make-up except for the brows since I wasn't feeling good this morning and decided that I'd go to class with bare face... with brows lol. I didn't even put any lipstick or powder on because I'm that ill :( Usually when I use Pixy to remove my brows, I will waste both sides of the cotton pad just for the brows only, and I will have to waste another two cotton pads to wipe off any dirt or oil on the rest of my face. But with the micellar water? Honey I don't even have to rub my face to hell like I always do! Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water definitely does what it claims to be, with gentle swipe, your make-up will be gone. I haven't tested it on water-proof or smudge-proof make-up but I have high hopes that it'll do just the same! I am definitely digging for this and I will repurchase. I have yet to see how my skin will react to the micellar water because some of my friends say it causes breakouts but I believe that everybody's skin has their own needs and so far, it doesn't leave any burning sensation on my face. Oh and, it actually doesn't smell of anything unlike Pixy, which is a plus point because I have sensitive nose.

All in all, I'll give this micellar water 8/10. It's not that pricey, I guess. I bought it at Mutiara's offline store for IDR 27.000 only which is pretty cool because sometimes other seller sells it for IDR 30.000. It's cheaper on their Shopee account but you have to pay for the shipping fee as well so yeah. Well, I hope my review helps you out! Expect more posts on beauty reviews because I bought a lot of things in April and I can't wait to share them with you all. Until next post!