February 25, 2013

In suits

Okay guys, I know it's not a good photo to start up this post. But before I start telling things, lemme hear you clapping and congratulate me for having a week holiday HAHAHA. 12th grader in my school are currently having their try out week and school was very kind to let us stay at home during and after try outs. So here I am blogging freely like a Krisus and no one can stop me HAHAHA.

But anyway, I guess you've heard about this big life revolution of me since last weekI couldn't stop talking about how nerve-wrecking it was during the competition. Let's roll back to 2 weeks before it happened. I was sleeping in my class (actually I was overslept) when suddenly my English teacher came in and knocked my table. I woke up and showed my derpiest face I could ever have to her and she laughed. She then started lecturing me with all things wisdom and so on, telling how I should be more passionate and interested with all subjects including English even if I've felt like I've mastered it well. Oh I never listen to her anyway. One and half hour later, when it was almost over and break time, she came to my table and told me something I couldn't believe at that moment; that she was going to put me in for an English competition. Sadly, it had passed alreadyso why the kkamjong she told me that?! And then she left me clueless. And 2 days afterwards, she called me again and said there was another competition. If I was interested, she'd love to put me in for real together with the other students. I was like asdfghjkl and it took 3 days for me to brave and convince myself that it'll be just fine. Then I talked to Hasya (she's the chief of English club in my school, and the leader of our school team. She's definitely ahmazing!), and had the whole practicing, most nerve-wrecking 3 days of my life ever. Yep. We only prepared ourselves for 3 days!

Hasya! Uri duizhang!

The competition was like a simulation of ASEAN meeting. We represented Myanmar back then and glad to say we scored at the 4th position out of 10 delegations. It's a good result, I tell you. The simulation was so serious and held in a very formal way. It was really hard for me since I can't be serious all the time. I have to laugh, fix my bang or hair, loosen my feet, etc. But there were rules and you couldn't even clap your hands! OwO But in the end we managed it well :)

Both Ijay and Hasya are Running Man addict :D

Ijay, Erika, me, Bule, Hasya, Kevin

Little ps, my position that day in the simulation was as a conceptor. Which means, I have to filter and arrange all kinds of agreements into passages and well-formed sentences to be given to the main speaker which was Hasya. There were 3 conceptor; me, Kevin, and Annashe's a 10th grader. And tbh if I may speak, Kevin wasn't helping me at all -__-a He was bad at grammar and I couldn't stand it whenever he try to speak in English to Ijay lol. And the most dangerous part when the simulation started, is that I had to sit side by side with him there. Why? Because well, he was technically my ex but whatsoever it was when we were still so little in 3rd grade of elementary school he was one of the conceptor too, so no comments.

And thank you so much to Reinhardt, he cheered me up with his tweet though I was the one who asked it :p THANK YOU!

Have a nice Monday, mate! xoxo


  1. wow congrats Nava!
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